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Melting Mann is about the most fun you can have in the early spring. Great courses. Great atmosphere. Huge fun.

Barry Roubaix is where all the dirt/gravel stuff started around here. Big. Challenging. Rewarding. Awesome.

The Stampede has been around a long time for a good reason. It's a fun race in a beautiful state park at an exciting time of year.

The Dirty Donut is new this year. Looks like a lot of fun on a summer day. See you there.

Kal Tour is another long-standing local tour. Change is coming in 2018, and it promises great fun.

In the fall we race cyclocross with KissCross and RunUp. And we love it enormously.


Like that song you heard in the shop? It was probably WIDR or The Current.

The Kalamazoo Bicycle Club is your source for all things road cycling AND Bike Camp, a wonderful intro to road biking.

SWMMBA is our local mountain bike organization. They're doing great work on local trails.

Like running and swimming? Check out the Trikats for local multisport. Fun and accessible, they're tough to beat.

Running? Kalamazoo Area Runners are a local force.

Do you like jumping in a cold pool and swimming, swimming, swimming? Kalamazoo Masters Swimming is your squad.

Bike Friendly Kalamazoo is an ad hoc group of volunteers working to make our community an even more friendly place for cyclists.