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I'm Ready to Ride

(I think!)


Welcome to the wonderful world of bikes! Whether you're new to riding, ready to get back into the saddle, or simply curious about spending more time on two wheels, we're here to help you have the best experience. 

You have a bike? Sweet! We’re here to help you enjoy that bike in ways you have and maybe have not considered. Whether you're pulling that dusty rig out of the garage for the first time in a while, just found a sweet deal at yard sale or inherited your wheels from a friend, here are some  next steps for eeking as much joy as possible from those wheels!

(And if you don't have a bike, click here for helpful info about what to look for.)

1. Safety First!

See? It's the first thing on the list! People do weird things to bikes, and if you don't have utter faith in the person who put it together, or if you don't know when someone last lubed the chain or put air in the tires, it's best to come see the professionals (that's us!) before you hit the open road. 

In fact, we offer a "Ready to Ride" service package that includes: A comprehensive safety check, lube on the chain, air in the tires and verification of bolt tightness. If you need more, we’ll prepare an estimate. It's the perfect way to 

Simply bring your bike to your closest PEDAL! Need help getting it to and fro? Pickup and Delivery are available within 20 miles of the shop.

Even if you just have a few questions about the bike's functionality (How does it shift? Are the brakes ok? Are these tires still good?), we're here for you! 

2. The bike is dialed, what about you?

Starting with safety again (we're kind of into it): We are not brain surgeons, but we’ve heard that it’s really complicated and expensive. For that reason, we recommend that everyone wear a helmet. Modern helmets are lighter, better ventilated and generally more comfortable than that old thang you’re using.

If you already have a helmet, check the sticker inside and see if it was made after 2018. If so, and it has no cracks or dents, and it fits well, put it on! 

If your helmet is from the '90s or has been crashed on or dropped, it's not going to protect you very well. Good news! We can help you get you a cool, comfy new noggin protector! Here are some  of our favorite options:

In addition to a helmet, safety and comfort items like gloves, shorts, shoes, and hydration can all add to a positive riding experience. One of the first rules of cycling is that there are always more accessories to buy, but you don't have to go crazy...yet. Our friendly staff members can help you decide what you need for the type of riding you'd like to do.

3. Finally! Time to pedal!

You and your bike are now both ready to get out and roll! But, where to?

Our helpful staff can provide suggestions for where you'll find safe, fun places to ride. Whether you'd like to start commuting to work, riding the kids to school, or hitting the trails, we know all the bike paths, safe routes, and sweet spots.  

Our Locally Speaking page is a great resource to connect with local clubs, and Bike Friendly Kalamazoo has an awesome page that lists some safe and interesting routes to try. If you're itching to get in the dirt, SWMMBA has a solid trail guide.

And, definitely join us for a ride! We offer a variety of events throughout the year, where you can learn more about your bike, meet other riders, learn new routes, and in most cases, enjoy some delightful eats and treats!


Give the shop of your choice a holler to make a service appointment, to learn more about our pick up and delivery services, or ask us any question that comes to mind!