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We’re PEDAL, and we love cycling in Kalamazoo.

PEDAL was founded in 2011 by Tim Krone and Ryan Maguire, friends and cyclists who live right here in Kalamazoo. We’ve grown a lot in the 10+ years since then, but we’re still doing the same thing we’ve always loved: supporting YOU. Your fitness journey, your competitive spirit, your leisure time. We do that (and more) by fixing bikes, recommending gear, and occasionally goofing around. All work and no play, something something. Anyway…...

We’re proud to offer quality service, sweet merch, and a hassle-free environment for your cycling-related needs, regardless of your level of experience. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and thoroughly caffeinated. We organize group rides for riders of all levels, we sponsor races, we invest in Kalamazoo’s trails. We make it easy for you to have fun on a bike, and we love doing it.

We have two store locations: one in downtown Kalamazoo on Michigan Ave, and another in Portage on Romence Rd. When you stop in, be sure to say hi to Banjo the bullmastiff and enjoy the sweet sounds of independent college radio. You can shop us online, too.


  • Ensure that our customers are happy to have done business with PEDAL.
  • Respect and value our employees.
  • Treat our vendors as we wish to be treated.
  • Everything else.