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After many years working in a service-oriented industry, I got a job in a bike shop and loved it. I loved working on bikes. I loved talking to people about bikes. I loved the technology. All of it was so fantastic and personal and sooooo much more immediate than working in a huge faceless company where a good project took several years. And like many an impassioned employee, I thought I could do it better. And out of that Pedal was born.

I started Pedal with my buddy Ryan at what is now our downtown shop in January, 2011. Since then we’ve grown quite a lot, employed some very smart and wonderful people, met and have come to know many good people in our community. We’ve morphed into a Kalamazoo bike shop. We ride where you ride. We know the scene. We like to do the stuff you like to do. We don’t just sell bicycles in Kalamazoo; we’re part of bicycling in Kalamazoo, and it makes us super proud and happy.


  • Ensure that our customers are happy to have done business with Pedal.
  • Respect and value our employees.
  • Treat our vendors as we wish to be treated.
  • Everything else.