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The PEDAL Advantage

We Want to be Your Bike Shop

Perhaps you’re thinking about a new bike. It can be a daunting experience. It can be a lot of money. There are opinions all over the world, both physical and digital. There are lots of technical details that have weird names and mysterious functions.
PEDAL is here to help you navigate these waters, and we bring several important attributes to the equation.
Friendly People: 
It is totally OK if you don’t know the first thing about bikes. PEDAL is a judgement-free zone. All you need is a desire to ride. Our salespeople know a lot about bikes, and they are nice people. Come talk to us, and we’ll figure it out together.
Great Mechanics: 
We have smart people working on bikes. We send ‘em to the best training. We supply then with good tools. We’re good with old stuff, and we’re up to date on the most modern stuff. Your bike is in good hands at Pedal. We guarantee our work.
Commitment to Kalamazoo: 
Pedal is invested in our community. We’ve donated thousands of dollars to the KRVT, the Maple Hill Trail and the Warnaar Trail in Three Rivers. We’re not just bikes, we’re biking.
Wild About Cycling: 
We're involved in the Kalamazoo area riding scene. We host a lot of rides. We support the groups that support cycling. We put on clinics for young and old cyclists.
Price Matching: 
PEDAL matches verified prices from licensed United States-based retailers. We exclude third party sites such as eBay and Amazon. We look at the final price, including all shipping and fees.
Price Protections: 
If the item you purchased goes on sale within 30 days of your purchase, PEDAL will refund the difference.
Return Policy: 
PEDAL happily accepts returns within 30 days of purchase. Restocking fees may apply depending on the condition of the item or its packaging. Store credit may be offered in certain situations, such as clearance items or if the original payment type cannot be used.
We want to be your bike shop, and we want you to be confident that you’re receiving excellent value.