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We have a highly trained service staff that can perform just about any bicycle repair, from a tube change to suspension service to training wheel installation to electronic drivetrain tuning. Just ask!

Generally speaking, we work on a first come/first served basis. If you'd like to make an appointment for your bike, please call the shop of your choice and we'll get you on the calendar so you'll be without your bike for the shortest time possible.

Pickup and Delivery are indeed available within 20 miles of the shop. $45 each way. Just let us know.

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Winter Service Specials - 30% off!

Let us fix your bike when you don't need it
Now through January 31, 2022

Not long ago, Pedal was the smallest, freshest shop in town, and we strived to provide the area's best bike service at a fair price. These days, our goal remains the same, but we find ourselves in the very strange position as the area's sole provider of bike service. I'll be honest: we worry about our ability to scale up to meet demand in the summer, so we're offering a great deal to encourage you to bring your bike in for preventative maintenance now. These things are true: we want to service your bike to a very high standard, and we don't want you to lose riding time waiting for the job to get done. Please! Bring your trusty bike in now, and we'll have you ready to go when spring arrives.

Winter Silver Special

Make sure everything is tight and safe
Clean up the frame and drivetrain
Make the wheels round
Adjust all the bearings
Make it shift great
Make the brakes great

Winter Bearing Service

Disassemble, clean, grease and reassemble your hub, bottom bracket and headset bearings. Add it on to any Winter Service Package if your bike has loose-ball bearings.

Winter Gold Special

One Winter Silver Special with:
New shift cables and housing.
New brake cables and housing.
New grips or bar tape.

Winter Gold Hydro Special

One Winter Silver Special with:
New shift cables and housing.
Brake bleeds front and rear.
New grips or bar tape.


Brake Bleed (per caliper)

Includes appropriate brake fluid.

Fork Basic Service

Includes inspection, cleaning and lubrication and new oil. Parts are not included.

Fork Deluxe Service
From $155

Includes a basic service plus complete damper and air piston service.

Rear Suspension Basic Service

Includes inspection, cleaning and lubrication of the rear air can.

Box Bike for Shipping

Hey, friend! Please help us help you by making sure your bike is ready to be worked on. We'll assess a cleaning fee if we must remove a layer of whatever to get to the bike itself. Thanks!


Give the shop of your choice a holler to make an appointment or to learn more about our pick up and delivery services.