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We have a highly trained service staff that can perform just about any bicycle repair, from a tube change to suspension service to training wheel installation to electronic drivetrain tuning. Just ask!

Generally speaking, we work on a first come/first served basis. If you'd like to make an appointment for your bike, please call the shop of your choice and we'll get you on the calendar so you'll be without your bike for the shortest time possible.


Ready to Ride

A comprehensive safety check, lube on the chain, air in the tires and verification of bolt tightness. If you need more, we’ll prepare an estimate.

Bronze Service

Ready to Ride PLUS bearing adjustment, perfect braking and shifting, wheel inspection and adjustment.

Silver Service

Bronze Service PLUS a thorough drivetrain cleaning. Any drivetrain parts and bearings are installed at no extra charge.

Gold Service

Silver Service PLUS new shift cables and housing, new brake cables and housing, and either new grips or new handlebar tape.

Platinum Service

Gold Service PLUS a complete bearing service, new brake pads and a thorough bike detailing.


Brake Bleed (per caliper)

Includes appropriate brake fluid.

Fork Basic Service

Includes inspection, cleaning and lubrication, new oil and wipers.

Fork Deluxe Service
From $150

Includes a basic service plus complete damper and air piston service with new seals and o-rings.

Rear Suspension Basic Service

Includes inspection, cleaning and lubrication of the rear air can with new seals.

Box Bike for Shipping


Give the shop of your choice a holler to make an appointment or to learn more about our pick up and delivery services.