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Our service techs are trained, certified  and have experience with several major e-bike systems including Bosch, Specialized, Yamaha, Shimano, Fazua and Hydrive. We break e-bikes into three categories:

Fully Supported E-bikes are those that we sell or sold and those bikes with systems that we sell or sold. We will service all aspects of these bikes, including the electrical systems.

Partially Supported E-bikes are those for which we lack certification. On those bike we are happy to service the "bike" aspects of the bike such as tubes and tires, chains, brakes, etc., but not the electrical components.

Aftermarket add-on motor kits are Unsupported, and we won't work on 'em. We're happy for you to do your thing, but we think these kits render the bike unsafe. Sorry, but that's how it goes.

Pickup and Delivery are indeed available within 20 miles of the shop. $45 each way. Just let us know.


For the most part, an e-bike is just a bike, but there are a few special things you'll find below. For the "regular" stuff, just click the red button to visit the main service page.

Motorized Hub Tube Change

Normally a tube change is a tube change, but things get complicated if the tube belongs on a motorized wheel. 

Software/Firmware Update

We'll update your e-bike's software to the lates edition. Half price with service packages.

Hey, friend! Please help us help you by making sure your bike is ready to be worked on. We'll assess a cleaning fee if we must remove a layer of whatever to get to the bike itself. Thanks!


Give the shop of your choice a holler to make an appointment or to learn more about our pick up and delivery services.