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Bike fitting involves modifying your existing machine to fit your unique form to the best effect possible. There are schools (of thought and actual, physical schools) that preach that there is but one fit: a very comprehensive ordeal that takes a good long time and costs a fair amount of money. We can do that.

Most of the folks we've talked to over the years are looking for something a little more straightforward, less pain or more power or some combination of the two. As a result, we take what we consider to be a pragmatic approach to fitting. We'll get you optimized on your bike for $150/hr.

This is not to say that there aren't specialty tools that we can bring to bear. We have Foot Balance custom insoles. We have lasers. We have shims for your cleats. We have a size cycle. Yes, we have many tools and the knowledge to use them. If you want something more than simple, we can accommodate you.


Bike fitting is done by appointment only. We have qualified personnel at both stores, so please give us a shout.