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Ride With Pedal

pedal group rides start in may

Please also note these special Bike Week enhancements to our regular fun stuff:

May 13: Cookout after Mountain Bike Monday at Maple Hill

May 14: Casual ride to One Well (and back) starting at both shops at 7:15. Fun!

May 15: Something extra for the shop road ride. TBD.

Recurring Events

There are so many ways to have fun on your bike. Wanna mountain bike? Check out SWMMBA. Road riding more your thing? Kalamazoo Bicycle Club is the place for you. Or join us for a weekly ride that meets your riding style soon.


TIME: 6:00PM meet, 6:15PM ride

WHO: Everyone

1st Monday: Warnaar Trail.
2nd Monday: Maple Hill Trail 
3rd Monday: Warnaar Trail 
4th Monday: Maple Hill Trail 
5th Monday: Ft. Custer.

Check back here for last-minute weather updates.


TIME: 6:00PM

WHO: Women riding MTB bikes

LOCATION: Ft. Custer trailhead

Put on by our friends at Lady Parts MTB, this is a ride for all adult mountain biking women! All skill levels are welcome, we ask that you have a basic working knowledge of your bike.  If you don’t, check out Pedal MTB clinics!   We like to say that Mondays are about community, not competition. So plan on a no drop ride, breaks and a supportive group a women!

Reach out to LadyPartsMTB on the insta with questions!


WHEN: First and Third Tuesday of the month (except May, which is weird)

WHO: Casual Riders. Maybe you.

1st Tuesday of the Month, we ride to One Well  from the Romence store at 7:15.

3rd Tuesday of the Month, we ride to an undisclosed location from the Downtown store at 6:15.

These are fun, casual rides. We'll ride, stop for a snack and ride back to the shop. It'll get dark! Lights are required!


TIME: 6:00PM

WHO: Women riding MTB bikes

Warnaar Trail,
Maple Hill Trail,
 Al Sabo Recreation Area.

This ride bounces from trail to trail. There's a detailed schedule of where it'll be that you can access by depressing the button. Tell it your problems.


TIME: 6:00PM

WHO: Everyone; 15 mph pace and up

Pedal - 611 W. Michigan

Click on that red button to get details about the ride. Please! Please click the button!


For a more information on local mountain bike trail maps and trail conditions check out Singletracks.

There are lots of ways to help keep up our local trails.

REPORT CONDITIONS to West Michigan Trail Conditions or Singletracks.


Upcoming Special Events


We love riding bikes more than just about anything. We plan and support a variety of regular weekly rides, and we're involved with local special events - all with the goal of sharing our passion for bikes with you and our community here in Michigan.

Looking for something even more exciting? Explore our latest ride and event announcements and get in touch with any questions - we’d love to help you learn more about how you can participate and get involved!

Fort Custer STAMPEDE!

May 5, 2024

Cinco de Mayo + Mountain bike race = best thing ever!

Plenty of action for everyone at the Stampede, the area's funnest single track race. And who's the beer sponsor? PEDAL. Dang!

Smash the button for more info and to sign up. Hope to see you there.

E-Bike Open House

May 19, 2024

Curious about E-bikes? Maybe want to try one or two? Maybe talk to some folks who have experience with these things? Come to our E-Bike Open House from 10-2 on May 19th at the Romence Store. It's super chill and informative. We'd love to introduce you to the fun of riding an e-bike. Join us!

Learn More!

Mmmmm.... Donuts

June 15, 2024

A donut race with a gravel problem. 

Ride lovely gravel roads littered with  “donut stops” where riders can eat donuts to receive finish time deductions. 

 Give Me the Donuts!

Bike Race 3.0

August 4, 2024

Back to the fun, baby! We're back at the Warnaar Trail in Three Rivers for another rendition of The Most Fun You Can Have On Your Mountain Bike. You can race all by yourself for eight hours. Or you can (sensibly?) team up with some friends and race as a team. So great! Poke the red button to sign up and learn more.


Stay Tuned for More!


Questions? Hit up the shop of your choice. We're happy to help.