Try Before You Buy

We offer demos on bikes that you perhaps haven’t tried before, like these new-fangled plus bikes or maybe a dual-suspension bike. Unlike rentals, the demo fees may be applied to the purchase of any new bike within 30 days of the demo. This year, we picked out a few cool bikes for a demo fleet.

Kona Honzo AL/DL

Specialized Stumpjumper st

Cross Country a little too... amped up for you? Big-Travel trail a little too squishy? Say hello to the short travel (130mm front and rear) Stumpjumper 29. It goes great up- and downhill.

Santa cruz 5010

The jumpy, playful 27.5" full-suspension bike you've been thinking about. 130mm  of travel at each end, the 5010 is perfect for new-school trails like Maple Hill, Merrell and DTE and tons of fun on everything else.

Kona Big Honzo DL

Kona Big Honzo DL

Thinking about a plus bike? Give a Big Honzo a try. Gobs of traction, smooth riding on the big tires, plenty of suspension and a ton of confidence. Plus bikes are super fun, and the Big Honzo is a great example.

Santa cruz blur

Light enough to scorch hot laps and tough enough to endure a long-distance beating, the Blur does it all without compromise. No matter how demanding your next XC endeavor, the Blur is ready to go.

Specialized Epic

Specialized Epic

World Cup XC racing has become more technical in the last few years, with more jumps, drops and trail-oriented features. Specialized’s new Epic has subtle yet significant changes that keep it fast but more confident in the technical sections.


Give the shop of your choice a holler to learn more about pricing and to reserve a demo bike.