We offer demos on bikes that you perhaps haven’t tried before, like these new-fangled plus bikes or maybe a dual-suspension bike. Unlike rentals, the demo fees may be applied to the purchase of any new bike within 30 days of the demo. This year we picked out a few cool bikes for a demo fleet:

Kona Honzo AL/DL

The Honzo was pretty far out in front of the longer-travel, shorter chain-stay, longer cockpit evolution we see in many 29ers these days. The Honzo is a bit more playful and burly than traditional XC race bikes, but it is some kind of fun.

Kona Big Honzo DL

Thinking about a plus bike? Give a Big Honzo a try. Gobs of traction, smooth riding on the big tires, plenty of suspension and a ton of confidence. Plus bikes are super fun, and the Big Honzo is a great example.      

Specialized Epic

World Cup XC racing has become more technical in the last few years, with more jumps, drops and trail-oriented features. Specialized’s new Epic has subtle yet significant changes that keep it fast but more confident in the technical sections.