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April 14, 2024: Our First-Ever Used Bike Sale!

Sell your well-loved ride to a new home. Discover your dream bike, score a fixer upper, or add to your infinite N+1 equation.


WHEN: 10am-2pm April 14, 2024 (rain-out date = April 21)

Sell Your Used Bike:

Bike Rules

  • Must be a bike-shop quality bike. 
  • Must be rideable (working chain/gears, brakes, saddle, pedals, battery, and charger if applicable)
  • Gotta pass a safety check by our staff.
  • Must be evaluated at our Downtown location  between April 1 and 13. (You can't bring your bike in the day of the event.)

Sales Rules

  • Your bike must have a non-negotiable price (we'll sell your bike, but we're not gonna haggle on your behalf).
  • If you wish, we can help.
  • The Bicycle Blue Book estimator is a terrific tool
  • If your bike sells, you can receive 100% of the selling price in store credit or 80% via check mailed to you.
  • If your bike doesn't sell, you must retrieve it by April 20 (or 27, in the even of rain on the 14th)


Buy a Used Bike:

At the First-Ever PEDAL Used Bike Sale on April 14, 2024 from 10am-2pm, you can shop a selection of your neighbors' used bikes that have passed our safety inspection. 

  • The price of each bike is as listed and is non-negotiable.
  • All sales are final.

After the Sale:

Sellers can choose to receive full in-store credit for 100% of selling price of their used bikes or receive a check for 80% of selling price. 

Unsold bikes must be picked up by April 27th or they will be donated.

How to Spend Your Store Credit:


Questions about the sale? Give us a shout!