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Turn up the heat!

Winter kind of stinks, and we're looking at ways to keep the cycling fire alive within us. Ryan hosts a Monday night Zwift session of fury and camaraderie.

Generally speaking, the rides are hosted as a Zwift Meetup, so you've gotta follow Ryan's account to get the invite. Check out the imagery below. Occasionally, he'll host it as an event through our Zwift Club, so maybe you should also join the club. Do not be frightened.

Why is it like this? When we do the invite/Meetup thing, you can see all the Zwifters (?) doing their thing, and you're never alone. When we do an event, it's just the event participants, and it could be lonely. Do we want you to be lonely? No! You are not alone, and we care. So we mostly do the Meetup thing, and you have to follow Ryan, which is really not a high price to pay. Not even.


  • Rides start at 6:15pm and last 60 minutes. 
  • Every ride begins with a neutral rollout but there is no rubber band.
  • Every rider who completes the 60 minute ride has a chance to win a prize at random. 
  • Enjoy the opportunity to ride with friends virtually while we await the coming riding season!