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As is our way, we'll be closed on Black Friday, in no small part so we can ride bikes and at least attempt to undo some of the Thanksgiving excess. Normally we'd have a set time for a group ride, but this year it'll be a little bit different.

Below are a couple of routes for you to enjoy alone or with your close group of riding buddies. Somewhere on the route will be a selfie station. Snap a picture of yourself, post your beautiful self to Instagram with the hashtag #PedalTurkeyBurner and come by to pick up a prize at the South shop any time we're open. Will you like the prize? Maybe. Hmmmm. Probably. Almost definitely.

Please remember that cycling is inherently dangerous (but oh so fun), and please treat your fellow road users as you would wish to be treated.

Happy Thanksgiving! And happy riding.

22 mile route

34 mile route