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Meet the Santa Cruz Blur

Faster than your friends.


But it's a fair advantage: Santa Cruz put into everything they've learned from years of making the highest quality carbon full-suspension bikes and added the super-efficient Superlight™ suspension to make a World Cup-winning XC race bike. 

The Blur isn’t guaranteed to make you a race winner but being the lightest, full-suspension carbon XC bike Santa Cruz has ever made, it might be the difference between claiming first place...or finally grabbing that K or QOM this year.

The Superlight™-est Suspension

The priority of Superlight™ is to ensure that every kilojoule of your energy is translated into forward thrust, which meant designing something that’s both lightweight and really efficient. 

With Superlight™ you’re left with plenty of traction, and less weight—by reducing the number of moving parts, bearings, and linkages, the current Blur saves 289g over the previous VPP™. In contrast to VPP™, Superlight™ doesn’t use a lower link or an additional pivot somewhere out back—the seat stays actually flex a small amount.

 This flex is part of the secret sauce of the Blur and was developed through countless revisions, designs, and hours in the saddle to strike the perfect balance of flex, damping, and durability.


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