Pedal rents town and mountain bikes from our Downtown location for a daily or weekly fee. Our fleet includes the Electra Loft Townie 7i for riding around town and the Kona Big Kahuna for trail riding.

For the Road and Trailway

You’ve got places to go. The Electra Loft 7i is the reliable super commuter that will get you there. Explore the city's ups and downs with a 7-speed internal gear hub, fenders, rear rack and lightweight but sturdy alloy frame.

$30 first day
$15 per day (after first day)
$100 per week 

For the Single track

This is where the rubber meets the trail. The Kona Big Kahuna, with a 27.5-inch-plus tire and playful geometry, makes as much contact with the dirt as possible. The entire Kahuna line is already known as a worthy single track shredder, and by giving this bike a bigger footprint, it's more capable than ever.

$50 first day
$25 per day (after first day)
$150 per week