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PEDAL, Trainers and You

We Know Trainers

We've been using these things since they first came out, and we know what's going on. Smart trainers, not-as-smart trainers, trainers that look like bikes. We can talk knowledgeably about all of 'em and help you find the right answer.

You Won't Pay More at Pedal

Heck, it's possible that it'll be less expensive since you don't have to pay for shipping.

We'll Help Set It Up

Are you concerned about assembly? Does the technology spook you a little? No problem! We'll assemble the trainer and, if you wish, deliver it to your home and set it up. This is a great way to get off on the right foot with your new equipment.

Wahoo KICKR Bike

Everything great about a KICKR and more! You don't need to mess around with putting your bike on and off the trainer. You don't need to worry about shifting adjustment. All you need to do is ride the bike and use the training program of your choice. Awesome!

Tacx Neo 2

Fully electronic. There's a flywheel, but it's made of electrons, not steel. Great trainer! Portable, stable and accurate as heck. You'll be a beast in the spring after spending a cozy winter (?) with the Neo 2.

Wahoo KICKR v6

It's fair to say that the KICKR started this whole smart trainer thing, and the latest one has the potential to rid your life of the issues associated with bluetooth with the addition of Wifi. Big flywheel, proven system, an included 11-speed cassette and innovative connectivity make the KICR a great option..

Tacx Flux 2

True: the Flux 2 looks just like the Flux S. Flux 2 has a heavier flywheel and better accuracy to go with the sleek form factor and exceptional reliability. The Tacx Flux 2 is a really great trainer that's often overlooked.

Wahoo KICKR Core

KICKR's little brother is a fine trainer in its own right. Yeah, the flywheel is a little lighter and it doesn't come with a cassette, but it's a durable training companion and one of our best sellers.

Tacx Flux S

Our lowest-priced direct drive trainer, the Flux S offers good accuracy and all of connectedness and responsiveness that one expects of a direct drive unit. So nice!

Wahoo KICKR Snap

KICKR Snap is easy on the wallet and a snap (!) to set up. Leave that rear wheel on your bike and pop it right in the trainer just like you always have. No cassette is required, but you might need a special axle, which we have in stock. We can figure it out.