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E Bikes at Pedal

It's you, amplified

The E-Bikes we sell are all pedal-assist. You put something into the pedals, and you get more, perhaps much more, power to the rear wheel. Our E-Bikes are serious stuff: good equipment produced by trusted brands. Here's a sample of the bikes we're likely to have in stock.

SPecialized COMO

We're wild about the Como. Good looks. Strong motor. Nice, wide tires. Around town and beyond, you'll be in fine form riding a Como.

  Cool to Como

TRek Verve+

The Verve+ offers so much: upright riding position, nice fenders, excellent Bosch electric drivetrain, a rack for your goodies. You can hit the trail with style on a Verve+

Make it a Verve

SPecialized turbo vado

Similar to the Como, but with a suspension fork and larger-diameter tires, the Vado gets you there -- and back -- in style and comfort.


TRek powerfly 5

Want something with more knobs on the tires? Robust suspension fork sound good? The Powerfly has all of that plus a sweet Bosch power system and smooth good looks. Fun!

Fly, Powerfly


Give us a holler or stop by our Downtown location to learn more and to reserve a rental bike.