PEDAL, COVID-19 and You


Hello, and thanks for getting this far into our site.

Pedal is a law-abiding, tax-paying, family-owned company. We don't want people to get sick. We want to do what's best for society, for Kalamazoo. As a result we are respectfully honoring Michigan Executive Order 2020-21. We aren't thrilled about this, but we're also not excited about overwhelming our healthcare system if we can help it. Flatten the curve!

If your bike is in the shop and you'd like it back before April 14th, please email If you need us for something else and it's possible to serve your needs without violating the spirit or letter of the executive order, yeah: it's'll see what we can do.

If you're concerned about such things, I've sent my coworkers home with pay through April 13th. I trust that we'll all be very excited to serve you again beginning April 14th.

If you need service, I'll make an appointment for you. We plan to be back in business on April 14th, and appointments will start then. First come, first served. Uh huh: 

I am, sincerely, sorry for the inconvenience and for the fact that our ability to serve you has been severely curtailed. Trust me: we'd rather be doing our thing.

This page will be updated with the most current information available. Please check back if you have questions.

Most importantly: please take care of yourself and take care of your neighbors. We all look forward to seeing you soon.



March 26, 2020