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We've been sitting around the breakfast table thinking, "You know, there's this common perception that cycling is kinda over after Labor Day, which, OK, the days are definitely getting shorter, but the weather is great and our little corner of the world is typically beautiful beyond compare. Perhaps we should organize a few events -- low-key, roll-your-own kinda events in the typical Pedal fashion -- that we can undertake with our friends."

Such was the process behind The Pedal Adventure Series. There are three activities on three different Sundays. You're welcome to participate in all three, or only the one or two that suit your style. The framework for each event is that:

  • It's for everybody
  • We'll meet up and enjoy a nice bit of physical fitness together
  • We'll have a snack when we're done and talk about it

Details for each Adventure are below, and additional information will be added as events approach.

Sept. 15 - Mountain Bike Adventure

We'll meet at the I-94 and Oakland Park and Ride at 9:00 am and head to the DTE trail, which we will then ride. Oh yes, we'll ride the HECK out of that trail. We'll have ride leaders for a Quick, Intermediate and Beginner rides. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, and you don't have to be part of a group. DTE is a big trail with something for everyone. We'll spend a good amount of time riding, then head to a Chelsea eatery before the trip home. This'll take a good chunk of the day, but it'll be (wait for it!) EPIC!

Oct. 6 - Cyclocross Adventure

Our Cyclocross Adventure is on October 6th at The Pit in Three Rivers. This will be very similar to our past CX events: a 45-minute beginner race at 11, a 45-minute intermediate race at noon and an hour race for the fast guys at one. You can ride whatever you want, but we'll have a special division in the intermediate and fast races for folks on drop bar bikes with tires not greater than 33mm wide. Food Truck? Yeah, we've got that. It'll be great fun and we look forward to seeing you there.

Oct. 27 - Gravel Adventure

Our Gravel Adventure takes place on Sunday, October 27th. We'll meet at in the parking lot of the Hopkins Middle School for a 10:00 departure. We'll ride large chunks of the Dirty Donut course. We'll have leaders for three rides. The Quick and Intermediate rides will ride around 40 miles. The Beginner ride will cover around 25 miles. As is our way, we'll meet at a local watering hole for refreshments after the ride.

More details coming shortly.