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Two Routes. Lots of Fun.

Ya can't swing a sack of delicious honeycrisp apples without hitting a gravel ride these days, but this one is different. How? It'll occur mostly in the dark. Is that cool? It is if you like riding in the dark. On gravel. With other nice people.

Here's the dope:

  • Meet at Olde Mill Golf Club for a 6:15 departure.
  • Ride around with friends. It's a ride on public roads; not a race.
  • Go to Fletcher's Pub in Texas Corners.
  • Talk about the great time you had while riding around.

These are the routes. You might pick one and load it onto your GPS computer or phone or whatever you use to figure out where to turn.

Don't forget your front and rear lights! It'll be D-A-R-K when the sun goes down. You'll want to see the road. Traffic will want to see you.

Who would want to miss this? No one. And you don't either. Why? FOMO. Yep. America's eat up with FOMO and that's what's gonna make this ride a huge hit. Sure, the dark and the friends and the gravel and the prospect of a Cold One afterward are all great, but once we hit on the FEAR (what could be more seasonal than fear? Nope. Not pumpkin spice. That's next month. Also: very little FOMO concerning pumpkin spice. Sorry to break it to you, but...) aspect of this thing, it'll sell out in a second. With the low, low entry fee INVESTMENT (as the advertising guys like to say) of free, it's worth saving up for, and once we throw some FOMO on top of that, well, you know. Sure you do. At least we hope so, because we don't.

Happy Halloween.